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Each of my boomerangs are a hand made work of art. Every Boomerang is tested to make sure of a beautiful return flight. Personalized boomerangs make great gifts.

My plywood boomerangs are varnished with two coats of traditional varnish, painted with high quality paints, lettered with ink, coated with a high gloss spray, and then waxed for a super nice finish.

Each of my boomerangs comes with throwing instructions.

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The maker and or/seller of Graham's Boomerangs is
not responsible for accidents or injuries
that may result from use or misuse of any boomerang. Boomerangs should only be thrown by adults or with adult supervision. Only throw in an open area free of trees, people and other objects. Allow for twice the given range of the boomerang in front of you (outward distance the boomerang travels) and that same amount of space behind you. Also you should always wear protective eye wear with safety lenses. Boomerangs are not just toys. Boomerangs are sporting articles. Throwing is a sport and safety is of utmost importance. Follow USBA safety rules. Failing to follow safety guidelines could result in injury to yourself or others around you. Boomerangs DO return, but may behave erratically in winds or in the hands of inexperienced throwers. Please read the throwing instructions carefully. By deciding to throw the boomerang, you accept responsibility for any accidents. If you cannot accept this, you must not purchase any boomerangs.
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